about us

Our menu began with traditional Vietnamese cuisine and has grown to include more dishes and flavors to accommodate every diet. Everything is completely plant-based and vegan, and we have many gluten-free options.

At Âu Lạc, our dishes and menu are always evolving as we find new inspiration and new ingredients. We search near and far to find our ingredients, specifically sourcing each one, so we can bring you the best in quality and flavor. We use organic produce and only natural ingredients, and we purify our water by reverse osmosis for better hydration and taste.


Our history

In 1997, Mai Nguyen began operating Au Lac in Fountain Valley with a special mission in mind. Her experience in overcoming serious illness with a plant-based diet fueled her desire to promote healthy eating to her community. Driven by her passion for good food and good health, she put a plant-based twist on traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

In 2001, Chef Ito joined Mai’s compassionate vision and expanded the menus with new vegan and raw creations.

In 2015, Mai's daughter Linh Nguyen brought Au Lac's plant-based cuisine to Los Angeles, opening the family's second location.


16563 Brookhurst St.
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Lunch 11:33 AM - 3:33 PM
Dinner 5:33 PM - 9:33 PM
Tuesday - Sunday; Closed Monday


710 West 1st St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Monday-Thursday 12 PM - 10 PM
Friday-Sunday 12 PM - 11 PM


"One of the oldest all-vegan restaurants in the county remains the best." - OC Weekly (2014)

"At Au Lac, that compassion manifests itself in the attention to detail that goes into every dish – and it’s something you can taste." - Coast Magazine (2011)

"Au Lac Restaurant in Fountain Valley has helped in the evolution of vegetarian cuisine from its days of bland blocks of tofu." - Los Angeles Times (2001)